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Valor® MSS Material Traceability for PCB Assembly

The Valor MSS Material Traceability module provides the materials history needed to minimize liability and comply with customer traceability requirements.

The traceability record includes data from all assembly work-cells (automated and manual) and captures additional information including the operator working at the time, and the program running on the equipment.

Valor MSS Material Traceability

Component-level traceability for full compliance and
limited risk

“Using Valor, the trace of materials is automatic. The trace data is collected 100% for every panel.”

Luca Grifagni, Engineering Manager, Meta System

  • Simplify traceability with one solution that works across multiple machine types
  • Protect manufacturer’s brand by minimizing impact of product recalls
  • Minimize the cost of a recall by quickly determining the minimum quantity and all serial numbers of products involved
  • Ensure high supplier quality by making quality problems related to the supplier’s material visible
  • Provide compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Satisfy customer requirements by providing extensive traceability reports
  • Store and manage data efficiently to ensure fast query results
  • Ensure that all components are included in product traceability; nothing is omitted
  • Use with Valor MSS Business Intelligence to get even more customized queries with a click of a mouse


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