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Valor® Production Planning for PCB Assembly

Valor Production Planning improves on-time delivery, increases asset utilization and reduces machine down-time in high-mix PCB assembly operations. It eliminates the guesswork in production planning by creating an intelligent, optimized production plan on multiple lines, supporting hundreds of work orders based on actual machine and feeder capacities, available material and current setup.

Its Line Executive (LX) module, for example, determines and reports problems in advance, making LX the ideal solution for “what if” scenarios.

Improve on-time delivery and asset utilization in high-mix PCB assembly

“The Line Executive solution also enables us to consolidate our production planning process by instantly grouping any quantity of work orders based on the finite capacity of the line, including any static feeder setups already in place.”

Stefan Schnake, Manufacturing Process Support, Phoenix Contact Electronics GmbH, Bad Pyrmont, Germany

Valor Production Planning eliminates the guesswork involved in maximizing capacity utilization and on-time delivery rates when scheduling production. Group hundreds of work orders by common materials, and distribute to assembly lines based on best fit for line capacity and what's already in the feeders.

Achieve best possible production schedule

  • Choose as many production work orders as required
  • Create intelligent work order groupings and sequence based on component commonality, then assign each group to “best-fit” production line(s)
  • Build multiline assignments based on actual capacities, current set-ups and schedule priorities

Avoid costly line downtime

  • Intelligent grouping is dynamic based on current conditions
  • Prioritize line utilization to get the lowest possible change-over times
  • Plan with confidence because the Production Planning modules knows what materials are available to handle your mix of work orders
  • Adjust work order quantity for partial build depending on shortages
  • Adjust production sequence based on component availability
  • Engineer best possible static setups based on high run rate components

Ultimate flexibility for sudden changes to schedule without loss
of efficiency

  • Remix production at any time due to insertion of hot job(s)
  • Add or reallocate SMT assets based on actual needs
  • Individually derate machine placement rates as needed
  • Adjust machine configuration, feeder capacity and feeder pool as needed
  • Compare “what if” scenarios for different shift loading, optimization strategies etc.
  • Integration with Valor Process Preparation or run stand-alone
  • Automatically pass groupings and static feeder setups to vPlan to generate optimized programs for each board.
  • Export line and machine configuration files, part data and product data from Valor Process Preparation to Line Executive
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