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ValorĀ® Parts Library (VPL)

The Valor Parts Library (VPL) provides accurate physical models of electronic components and connectors used in PCB manufacturing, test and assembly, delivered in a consistent, CAD/CAM-friendly format.


Accurate physical models of each BOM component

The VPL contains more than 35 million commercial electronic component part numbers, including the dimensioned package model for each part. Package names are based on the recognized JEDEC JES-D 30B standard. Each package model contains the following attributes and much more:

  • Accurate graphical contour
  • Pin contact areas and positions
  • Dimensional tolerances
  • Overall dimensions including height
  • Pin 1 identification

Use the VPL data to ensure that DFM analysis is based on actual "as built" precision of component spacing and component pin-to-pad contact area. Other applications of VPL data include using the height attribute of components in the product BOM to ensure that production tooling dimensions are correct and that the assembled PCB will fit into chassis configurations as intended.


  • Seamlessly integrated into all Valor applications
  • Accurate physical models of each component in your BOM
  • Removes cost and process bottleneck of researching component data
  • Completely scalable for any size operation, from a single site to a large global enterprise
  • "As-built" precision enables realistic documentation and accurate DFA analysis
  • VPL Library Manager application provides searching, viewing, drawing, editing, linking, and other management functions related to the VPL database
  • Create custom attributes for individual part numbers to support requirements such as lead-free or performance characteristics needed for test or inspection
  • Valor's creation content services provides a timely response to VPL package and part number creation
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