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Valor MSS Solutions

Make or Buy

The decision to purchase software or dedicate highly skilled resources for in-house development requires careful consideration and is often debated vigorously by management, i.e. “What choice makes us more competitive?” Learn More

Rapid Time to Market

Mentor process preparation solutions offer new product introductions with world-class time-to-market and error-free production on the very first board, the first crucial step toward a true competitive advantage. Learn More

On-Time Every Time

Mentor’s production planning solutions eliminate guesswork and dramatically reduce engineering time to create a truly optimized setup plan and production sequence for the entire factory, with built-in agility to quickly react to changing conditions. Learn More

Reduce Waste

Mentor asset utilization solutions provide the competitive advantages you are looking for in SMT production. In addition, you will achieve a faster ROI on new capital equipment by tracking and maximizing equipment performance. Learn More

Eliminate Excess Inventory

Mentor’s Valor® MSS material management solution automates delivery of required materials from the warehouse to the correct locations on the shop floor. Since the solution matches the actual real-time demand signals from the machines, production increases without inflating the inventory. Learn More

Process Conformance

Mentor’s material verification solutions pre-empt mistakes by controlling machine setups and material used in every process. With Material Verification, attributes are qualified from start to finish — from automated to manual processes including system assembly or box build. Learn More

Tracability for Quality

Mentor's traceability solution can identify which machine is generating the most defects, which vendor lot codes cause the highest yield loss, and what combination of materials and equipment create the highest productivity losses. Learn More

Action Through Visibility

Mentor’s quality management solution integrates with business intelligence and material verification for a complete preventative approach to manufacturing designed to improve quality and reduce cost at the same time. Learn More

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