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Eliminate Excess Inventory in Production — Just in Time

Lean inventory and logistics reduces stock and increases production flow

World Class competitors know the importance of running as lean as the schedule permits by minimizing inventory. But, the challenge manufacturers face is to never allow the desire for lean inventory to trump the sacred ground of on-time delivery.

Once a production file is ready, Mentor’s Valor® MSS material management solution automates delivery of required materials from the warehouse to the correct locations on the shop floor. Since the solution matches the actual real-time demand signals from the machines, production increases without inflating the inventory.

rh technologies Valor MSS has allowed us to cut setup time during changeover by 80%, and we’re using one operator instead of two to handle setup now.”

Itmar Caspi, Quality Manager, RH Technologies

shop floor

Getting the right material to the right place at the right time is critical for world class competition. Mentor’s solution automates delivery to the shop floor based on real-time performance and placement rate at the machine level.

Mentor Material Management Solutions:

  • Reduce material shortages
  • Eliminated downtime waiting for parts
  • Eliminate delivery of the wrong part or supply form
  • Eliminate the need for buffer stock
  • Dramatically reduce changeover time
  • Reduce labor requirements for material handling

Reduced changeover time is achieved with automated delivery of the right material to the right machine at the right time, taking advantage of inventory already on feeders from the previous work order.


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