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Optimize Production Flow for On Time Delivery, Every Time

Material setup and job sequence optimization for the entire factory

production production

Valor MSS gives the user options for factory wide optimization based on weighted priorities such as minimizing production time, or maximizing utilization of capacity.

On-time delivery is the heartbeat of every profitable manufacturing enterprise. Meeting delivery requirements demands excellent production planning. Creating a multiline production plan that leverages material inventory, fixed setups, capacity of available feeders and machine placement rates is the holy grail of SMT production planning. Frequent changes, hot projects, material shortages and unexpected downtime often make the planner’s job an expensive guessing game.

Mentor’s solutions eliminate guesswork and dramatically reduce engineering time to create a truly optimized setup plan and production sequence for the entire factory, with built-in agility to quickly react to changing conditions.

Mentor’s Valor® MSS Production Planning Solutions:

  • “Push button” planning for thousands of work orders
  • Multiline work order allocation for best fit
  • Optimized production sequence for overall best delivery
  • Cuts downtime, improves utilization and on-time performance
  • Cuts engineering time to a fraction with no mistakes

“The automation with Valor MSS has enabled us to reduce the engineering time for NPI by 80%, and enables us to consolidate our production planning process by instantly grouping any quantity of work orders based on the finite capacity of the line, including any static feeder setups already in place.”

Stephan Schnake, Manufacturing Process Support PHOENIX CONTACT ELECTRONICS

Engineering time for optimizing new setups in high-mix production can be very time consuming. The factory wide setup automation of Mentor’s planning solutions dramatically cuts both the engineering time and changeover time.

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