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Action Through Visibility

Combine enforced control with dashboards, alerts and root cause analysis in paperless factory

It is not enough to deliver high quality. Global competition demands that you deliver high quality on time at the best price. Mentor’s quality solutions constantly drive down the unit cost with an active management system that streamlines the process flow while preventing errors.

  • Paperless routing is enforced to ensure proper process sequence for every unit
  • Closed loop paperless repair with active guidance to diagnose test results
  • Test failures can trigger root cause alert at the original offending process station
  • Process quality level in DPMO can trigger alerts to engineering and management
  • Automated data collection feeds real-time and historical business intelligence reporting
  • Enforced routing
  • Paperless repair
  • Automated document delivery
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Interactive reports/drill down

“Mentor’s Quality Management has helped streamline the process...I believe we are easily 15% more efficient in operations due to Valor.”

Andre Beier, Quality Manager for Enics, Medical Electronics Manufacturing

Does your quality system increase your productivity at the same time as product quality?

Quality you can see

  • Monitor quality-based KPIs
  • Identify process areas or equipment responsible for the most defects
  • Drill down to root cause
  • Mobile dashboards keep you informed wherever you are

Quality you can see creates quality built into the process which you do not see.

Valor MSS Foundation

Mentor’s Quality Management solution integrates with Business Intelligence and Material Verification for a complete preventative approach to manufacturing designed to improve quality and reduce cost at the same time.

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