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Trace WIP and Materials for Continuous Quality Improvement

Traceability compliance turns manufacturing problems into revenue solutions

With Mentor traceability, turn regulatory compliance and quality problems into performance gains. Mentor’s traceability allows you to:

  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Isolate quality problems to assemblies or even components
  • Immediately identify the source and scope of quality problems
  • Immediately take corrective action
  • Rapidly eliminate problems and increase throughput and revenue

Traceability has dramatically reduced our time-to-corrective action, making it much easier for engineering to find the cause of the problem and fix it.”

Farid Anani, Manufacturing Manager Computrol, Inc.

Does your traceability solution identify the source of a process problem?

The automotive, medical, military, and aerospace industries all require traceability. Tracing components and assemblies is required to meet the needs of those customers. But, every electronic manufacturing line can substantially benefit from traceability. Increased yield and process efficiency are just two benefits that can increase revenue when employing traceability.

With Mentor Traceability, you can identify which machine is generating the most defects, which vendor lot codes cause the highest yield loss, and what combination of materials and equipment create the highest productivity losses.

Valor MSS Foundation

Let traceability with the Valor MSS suite open doors to new business, as well as increase operational efficiency.

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