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Verify the Manufacturing Process to Ensure Total Conformance

Full process conformance to customer's manufacturing and materials requirements

World class competition demands that quality is untouchable without adding cost. Mentor’s material verification solutions pre-empt mistakes by controlling machine setups and material used in every process. With Material Verification, attributes are qualified from start to finish — from automated to manual processes including system assembly or box build.

It is process control, not QA — which is at the end of the process— that makes sure that the entire process is good.”

Itmar Caspi, Quality Manager, RH Technologies

Mentor’s solutions provide us with the power to collect, analyze, and control production in real time.”

Ehud Gitai, Director of Quality and Technology, RH Technologies

Active verification prevents errors during the process. All material is registered to a unique ID, along with many attributes. In process, all required attributes are confirmed “correct” before production locks are opened, allowing the process to proceed. Here is a sample of attributes that are verified in Mentor’s closed loop system:

  • Part number per Approved Vendor List (AVL)
  • Dynamic MSD status and expiration point
  • RoHS status
  • Program variant substitutions
    (such as LED Light Class adjustments)
  • Block specific vendors or vendor lot codes
  • Process recipe (program) per work order
  • Feeder type and position per recipe(Smart feeders, standard feeders, and trolley units)
  • Feeder change, splicing, model change-overs
  • Qualified tooling, stencils, solder paste, feeders, fixtures

Quality standards such as AS9100 demand that the manufacturer measure and prevent errors during the process, not just at the end of a process where quality inspections and tests are typically located. With Mentor Material Verification, you can prevent manufacturing errors by enforcing correct setups, change-overs, splicing, feeder positioning, MSD or RoHS constraints, and feeder management. It includes guided set-up and verification for fixed feeders or off-line trolleys, with family setups.

Additional benefits to build your competitive advantage.

A single integrated verification solution, independent of machine types or machine vendor software, simplifies shop floor control and leverages the use of centralized data for every stage of manufacturing for lower production cost, reduced waste and maximum utilization of assets. Here are few examples of advanced solutions to improve your competitive advantage-

Program Variant Substitution/Binning for LED light class applications
Many electronic products today use LEDs for illumination. Mentor’s LED solution manages complex LED light class substitutions with compensating resistors, on-the-fly. This means no program changes, no start and stop cycles to slow down production.

Real-Time material consumption for Just-In-Time (JIT) material flow
Our verification solutions dynamically and accurately track the quantity of material remaining on every individual reel of components, as well as the quantity of product remaining in the work order, and the actual placement rate on each SMT machine. This information can be used to generate real-time demand signals for replenishment or and change-over, which feeds our materials management solution for JIT delivery of the right material to the right place at the right time.


Valor MSS Foundation

Material verification with Valor MSS integrates with materials management and materials traceability for complete materials solutions to PCB assembly.

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