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Concurrent Engineering: Why It Matters

How efficiently does your team collaborate? How much time are your engineers spending on administrative tasks, review meetings, and unnecessary overhead? If the answer is, “too much!” then it’s time to evaluate Expedition Enterprise.

PCB Design creation, definition, and reuse has been completely updated in the new DxDesigner with greater capabilities and improved ease of use. In the second webinar in the DxDesigner series, you’ll learn how to maximize your time and be more innovative, productive, and efficient while completing your PCB engineering tasks in less time. There will be a feature on Aspen and how the Mentor Technical Marketing team uses the integrated concurrent Expedition Enterprise PCB design software.

See for yourself and examine what’s new in EE7.9.4 by attending my presentation on,
“Is Your PCB Engineering Team Collaborating Efficiently?”

When: November 13th 2 to 3p.m. EST – Gary Lameris, Technical Marketing Engineer

What You Will Learn in the Webinar:

  • Effective Concurrent PCB Design Across Engineering Teams
  • Efficient Automation & Integration of Manual & Post Processing Steps
  • Integration of Schematic, FPGA Design & Constraint Management

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Gary Lameris
Mentor Graphics, Technical Marketing Engineer
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Gary LamerisMentor Graphics Technical Marketing Engineer focusing on xDX Designer for Xpedition PCB and PADS PCB layout Visit PCB Schematic Design with DxDesigner

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