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DesignCon Baby!

I don’t know why, but as I started this post, it made me think of a pretty funny movie from my single days – Swingers.  There are some funny lines from the movie as well as a few funny and awkward scenes (quick summary, it’s about some wannabe actors in LA hitting the town and going to Vegas).  In particular, the scene where Trent and Mike (the 2 main characters) are driving through the desert came to mind:

Trent: They’re gonna give daddy the Rainman suite, you dig that?
Mike: Do you think we’ll get there by midnight?
Trent: Baby, we’re going to be up five hundy by midnight!
Mike: Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!
Trent: Vegas baby! Vegas!
Mike: Vegas!

I’m not talking about going to Vegas here (although it would be fun in an entirely different way), I’m talking about DesignCon!  It’s the crème de la crème when it comes to high tech design conferences, in my opinion at least.    If you haven’t been before, consider it!  It’s unlike most events that you may have been to before, where the focus here is all on the technical challenges that companies are facing and some really innovative solutions.  Topics vary from chip and package design to board level signal and power integrity issues and everything in between, so there’s definitely something here for you.   If you’re on the fence, I can tell you that this year should be a good one and you will not be disappointed!  The schedule is already posted with all the papers that will be presented and if you want to get a flavor of the types of papers that get covered, you can always check out the InfoVault to look at past year papers.

For those faithful readers out there, we’ve got a VIP registration link for you to get into the Exhibit floor free which has all the vendor booths (including Mentor Graphics at booth #320) plus a 30% discount on a full conference pass!  That’s up to a $208 value – all yours just for reading!    Just use priority code EXHMEN when you register.  This also gets you into the following things for free:

Designcon 2010 - Vip Registration Pass Keynote addresses
Designcon 2010 - Vip Registration Pass Technical panels
Designcon 2010 - Vip Registration Pass Business Forum sessions
Designcon 2010 - Vip Registration Pass Unlimited access to the technology exhibition
Designcon 2010 - Vip Registration Pass TecPreview presentations
Designcon 2010 - Vip Registration Pass Exhibit floor receptions

I’ll be in the Mentor booth (booth #320) so stop by and say “hi”.  While you’re there you can enter for a chance to win a HyperLynx leather jacket  – so good luck and I hope to see you there!

Win a Planet HyperLynx jacket and impress your friends

Win a Planet HyperLynx jacket at DesignCon and impress your friends!

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Steve McKinneyI've always been enamored with how things work from a very young age (I can see it in my daughter too who is only about a year old). I tend to dive into new things I find interesting and immerse myself in as much information as possible (where would we be without the internet!? Thank you Al Gore!....or should I say Tim Berners-Lee). I also love new gadgets (who doesn't!) and seeing what the latest/greatest innovations are. Hopefully this blog shares some of that excitement I have for technology and gives you a place to learn and maybe laugh a little bit along the way. If you want the business side of me, I graduated from North Carolina State University (Go Wolfpack!!) with an MSEE in RF and Microwave circuit design and am currently working for Mentor Graphics where I hold the role of Business Development Manager for Mentor's PCB Analysis products. Prior to this role, I was a Technical Marketing Engineer with Mentor, a Signal Integrity engineer at Dell, and a hardware designer at LVL7 Systems. Visit The HyperBlog

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