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DFM Reporting...I must live to reiteriate

Jay Gorajia

Jay Gorajia

Posted Jun 17, 2014

Tired of entering the same recommendations and descriptions for design DFM issues found over and over again!!! You are not alone.

If you are one of the hundreds out there that are responsible for providing feedback for PCB Design issues, read on!

As the manufacturing expertise moves away from the design organizations and into the manufacturing organizations, effective collaboration tools are needed to ensure communication flow is not disrupted.  Electronic Contact manufacturers are getting involved with design layout decisions earlier and earlier in the product design flow.  Outsourcing design layout is further complicating the collaboration and feedback loop between manufacturing know-how and the designers.  Identifying potential fabrication, assembly, and test problems in the PCB design before moving to manufacturing can offer huge benefits.  Many are also using the manufacturing expertise to provide DFx Services to design organization.

DFM report

Automated reporting

Consider automation!

With new advances in the Valor DFM tools and the updated Manufacturing Risk Assessment functionality, it is now easier than ever before to tag issues, add comments, and export results.

Automation has been developed to automate the process of generating these reports. In most cases, reports that once took hours to create can be done in minutes. This automation provides Valor NPI users a quick and easy method for creating professional looking, consistent DFx reports which are configured specifically for each of their customers.

Auto-populating of Recommendations, Reference Documents (e.g. IPC 7351) based on the category name, componrecommendedent type, etc.. saves hundreds of hours of manual editing.

In addition, collection of design metrics would assist understanding design complexity and risk assessment (DPMO).

Tired of entering the same recommendations and descriptions for design DFM issues found over and over again!!! You are not alone.

Contact me if you want to discuss how to make this happen for you or your supplier!

What are your main challenges with DFx collaboration?  Is the market ready for moving from static reports to something more?

Looking forward to any and all comments!

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