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Introducing DxDesigner 7.9.4

Welcome! I am Gary Lameris Technical Marketing Engineer for Mentor Graphics. I’ve worked with DxDesigner since 1988 and have watched it grow from the independent Unix/Dos tool called PowerView and Viewdraw to a powerful multi-user schematic drafting program tightly integrated into the Expedition Enterprise and PADS layout tools today.

Four years ago I moved to Colorado to join Mentor Graphics and the DxDesigner team as the product was transitioned from an obsolete file based drawing package to a revolutionary multi-user database tool unique in the industry for its vision and scope. From the day I interviewed and saw the prototype database software my excitement has not waned for this revolutionary approach to improving a design team’s performance in creating a design that is right the first time!

Today, at Mentor Graphics, we released DxDesigner 7.9.4 embedded in the Enterprise Expedition flow. Internally, the Marketing team has been excited with this release for months, and the feedback from our beta testers has been overwhelmingly positive! With this release you will notice many user enhancements including a new drawing canvas, new window management, increased use of color and text styles, better alignment algorithms and graphical rule checks. These new features will improve your productivity, simplify you’re your experience with this product and best of all create better looking and more accurate schematics! Best of all, these enhancements are only the start on our plans.

Gary Lameris
Mentor Graphics, Technical Marketing Engineer
Twitter @glameris –

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Gary LamerisMentor Graphics Technical Marketing Engineer focusing on xDX Designer for Xpedition PCB and PADS PCB layout Visit PCB Schematic Design with DxDesigner

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