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Is Your PCB Engineering Team Collaborating Efficiently?

For those who missed today’s webinar titled  Is Your PCB Engineering Team Collaborating Efficiently?  The archived addition is now live!  This was the second in the series of four webinars on DxDesigner.  To see the first webinar and subscribe to the next two, click to register for the webinar series.

In webinar number two on concurrency, I reviewed why concurrency is important and how the innovative architecture behind DxDesigner and the Expedition flow enhances the productivity of your design team reducing the time to create a PCB and at the same time increasing the odds of “getting it right the first time.”  Watch and learn how to enable the power in the Mentor Graphics Expedition Enterprise flow!

If your new to concurrency, watch the three demonstrations of concurrency inside the webinar, including working with DxDesigner concurrently and Xtreme CES.  Even if your using DxDesigner in  the PADS or independent flows you can have multiple engineers working on the DxDesigner schematic simultaneously.

And if you missed webinar one in the series, click the link to watch Unleash the Full Power of Your PCB Design Software Tools with presenter Andy Watts.

Gary Lameris
Mentor Graphics, Technical Marketing Engineer
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Gary Lameris joined Mentor Graphics in 2008 as a Technical Marketing Engineer for the Mentor Expedition PCB flow.  Prior to Mentor Graphics, he has served on the DxDesigner and PADS Customer Advisory Boards, and is the founder and manager of the DxDesigner Yahoo forum. Throughout his career, Gary has served on the boards of a variety of associations, including; chairing the Associate Membership Committee for the National Conference on Weights and Measures, serving on the weighing subcommittee of the National Type Evaluation Technical Committees (NTETC), and acting as industry advisor to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). His experience includes 22 years as a Senior Design Engineer at Hobart Corporation and Program Manager at Simclar Inc., a contract assembler of printed circuit boards. Gary has a BSEE from Michigan Technological University.

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Gary LamerisMentor Graphics Technical Marketing Engineer focusing on xDX Designer for Xpedition PCB and PADS PCB layout Visit PCB Schematic Design with DxDesigner

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