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PADS Tips and Tricks: Sense Lines

Jim Martens

Jim Martens

Posted Mar 30, 2012
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This weeks tip comes from Yan Killy, technical marketing engineer:

Many times you need to route high current traces. Almost always these wide traces have sense lines that are going to control the circuit.
In Design Rules, setup minimum trace width for the high current net. However, when you start routing the sense line, you want this trace to be thinner. With Advanced Rule Set (ARS option) in PADS, you can select a pin pair for the sense line and set an appropriate trace width. Doing so will route the trace for the high current net as a thick trace and sense line as thinner route.

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Awesome! Wish I knew this a few weeks ago, but will use it going forward.

5:17 PM Apr 24, 2012

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