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Power to the People!

Ed Goldman

Ed Goldman

Posted Jun 26, 2009

Earlier this year we launched HyperLynx 8.0. One of the major aims of this launch was to enable accessible Power Integrity analysis to engineers.  The general belief is that, although there will always be a need for some advanced Power Integrity analysis, a good portion of Power Integrity analysis can be performed at the engineering level.

So the thought is, by making PI accessible, we are enabling engineers to integrate core PI analysis where they would have been otherwise deprived. This is part of a general trend in technology – making what was inaccessible applicable and usable by a wider community.

The innovation cycle is ultimately about enablement and empowerment. In the case of Power Integrity, we eliminate the need for engineers to overcompensate their designs to increase buffers on their power distribution networks. For management, this means reduced materials costs and accelerated design cycles.

Some of the more interesting content that we created for this launch includes:

1. A technical paper by Dr. Eric Bogatin on correlation studies of simulated vs. actual results.

2. An introductory webinar on HyperLynx 8.0

3. A video with customers and developers on HyperLynx 8.0

(by the way – if you are a regular consumer of content on, you should consider creating an account with your profile – this way you never have to fill out a form again).

So, the challenge is enabling core PI analysis while not “dumbing” down the results. This is really the trick in expanding technology applications – what do we want to achieve against what goal and what compromises, if any, are we willing to make?

In the case of HyperLynx Power Integrity, we think we are on the right path. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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About Ed Goldman

Ed GoldmanEd joined Mentor Graphics in March 2007 and leads Mentor Graphics' marketing programs in its PCB division. Ed has over ten years experience in sales and marketing of high-tech software including CAD/CAM, PLM, and Digital Manufacturing and has worked at UGS (now Siemens PLM), Tecnomatix, and Tecnomatix Unicam. Ed is based out of Mentor's Longmont Colorado offices. Visit PCB Matters

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Ed: I'm wondering whatever happened to Royal Digital Scepter Software for design verification? Mentor bought Royal Digital, but that's the last I have heard. I am currently using Valor, but not totally satisfied like I was with Scepter. Can you answer this? Thanks, Larry Penrod

Larry Penrod
5:49 PM Jul 2, 2009

Larry - what design flow are you using?

Ed Goldman
1:50 PM Jul 3, 2009

where can I download the free version. Is this a student version ?

Syed Huq
7:30 PM Jun 30, 2011

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