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Right Tool for the Job!

Do you have kids?  Have they (or in my case, their friends) walk right through your screen door?  So started one of my projects this past weekend – replacing the screen.  For those of you that have replaced screens before, you know that to do it you need that special tool – the spline-installation tool (and yes – I had to do some googling to find the name if it!).   Without it, replacing torn screens would be close to impossible.  It would definitely have taken many times longer to get the job done without it.

This is not much different than working with design tools.  To get the job done right, in a timely fashion, you need the right tool.  Sure you can do some analysis the old fashion way – with lots of math and formulas (and lot’s of hours!).  And yes – you can route those differential pairs, with length constraints, manually – if you have the time.  Or, you can get the right tool.  True analysis tools dedicated to the problem you are trying to solve.  And a tool that can route differential pairs – to the rules you assign – automatically and easily!

To see if you have the right tool for you design needs, take a look at the PADS Overview Video.


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