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Schematic Capture in the PADS ES Suite video release

Do you use PADS?  Did you know that the PADS ES Suite ships with the DxDesigner Schematic Editor providing a robust and powerful design environment tightly coupled to PADS layout with DxDatabook a powerful component information system and cross probing.

With an innovative and reliable architecture, designed from the start to support hierarchy; a user needs only to create a circuit once before reusing it many times in the same design. Or use hierarchy to logically partition your design into clear and concise functional blocks.

Included with PADS is an efficient and powerful component information system. Connect to popular databases and quickly search and find up-to-date parts and information to add to your design. Are you almost finished with the design but need to add more information to all of your components, integrated utilities will both verify and update your design quickly and accurately in minutes ensuring the schematic and PCB are up to date and current.

Crossprobe from the PCB to the schematic or from the schematic to the PCB to quickly find specific parts or nets in your design for critical placement and routing. Select groups of parts in the schematic and with the power of cross probing those same parts will be selected in the PCB for critical placement and efficient net routing.

Unlike other tools, PADS features tight integration between schematic and layout with seamless forward and back annotation keeping your design in sync. Swap pins and gates on the PCB and stay in sync with the schematic, renumber your circuit board to clearly find parts and back annotate the new reference designators to the schematic. Add or remove parts to the schematic, or rename nets for clarity and find these changes replicated correctly in the PCB.

Explore PADS yourself with our new PADS Virtual Lab, or our free trial and evaluation guide supplied with the PADS ES suite download.  The evaluation guide walks you through a design to introduce you to the Power and integration found in PADS, by Mentor Graphics.

Gary Lameris
Mentor Graphics, Technical Marketing Engineer
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