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Schematics with Pizzazz using DxDesigner

So far 2013 has been a great year to explore the creative drawing aspects in DxDesigner.  I’ve been ignoring my blog writing but I’ve been drawing several new schematics and updating many of our older reference designs with the new capabilities in DxDesigner 7.9.4.

In the example below, an entire new design was created, from a new library symbol set, finding and drawing a reference schematic design, and finally the placing the components on the circuit board and routing the PCB. The photo below is one of the new samples, an actual design, captured using DxDesigner for PADS 9.5 with an associated PCB that forwards and back annotates from PADS to DxDesigner.  It’s not a boring schematic anymore :)

You may notice the color is “interesting” but the coloring of the schematic is entirely based on automatic colors, uniquely demonstrated with a new color scheme, and the layering capabilities now in DxDesigner backlighting the otherwise transparent integrated circuit symbols.  Although you may not want to work with a color scheme like this all the time, if you fondly remember the ammonia scent of a blueprint duplicator you may want to try something similar in your next PowerPoint presentation.  And if you need to add a circuit board, below is the design created from the above schematic.Download the DxDesigner color schemes I use at the Mentor Communities site.


Gary Lameris
Mentor Graphics, Technical Marketing Engineer
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Gary Lameris joined Mentor Graphics in 2008 as a Technical Marketing Engineer for the Mentor Expedition PCB flow. Prior to Mentor Graphics, he has served on the DxDesigner and PADS Customer Advisory Boards, and is the founder and manager of the DxDesigner Yahoo forum.

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Gary LamerisMentor Graphics Technical Marketing Engineer focusing on xDX Designer for Xpedition PCB and PADS PCB layout Visit PCB Schematic Design with DxDesigner

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