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Taking a new Route

Gary Lameris

Gary Lameris

Posted Jul 22, 2014
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The weather has been warm in Colorado this week, so that means the windows and doors are now off the jeep. When I’m enjoying the open air I prefer to go on the less used roads, even if my journey is longer. This means I have to turn off the automatic mindless driving mode and think about the journey.  For example, I don’t automatically turn left to get on the main road, I want to go forward and enjoy the new route.


At Mentor Graphics we have been working on several new routes. Our developments with the VX xDX Designer have now been released in the PADS flow with the same core features that will be released in the Xpedition flow later this year.  If you missed a live PCB forum you can watch our webinar at


We are also beta testing with our new partner Digi-Key a new web assisted schematic entry tool (coming soon a layout tool).  Designer Schematic simplifies the schematic entry and library process with web enabled downloads of fully annotated part symbols using PartQuest.  PartQuest finds information from suppliers like Digi-Key and adds PCB and schematic ready symbols to download to your local computer fully annotated part information simplifying and reducing errors in schematic entry and speeding the manufacturing of the PCB design.designerstartup

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Cathy Terwedow
11:41 PM Jan 9, 2015

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