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Posts tagged with 'Constraints'

30 Jun, 2011

Where do you draw the line?

Posted by Charles Pfeil

Charles Pfeil

This morning I was sent the following comment (name changed to protect the innocent): I don’t need Mentor to fix anything because I don’t do “crappy” work. (Actually a different term was used, but not appropriate for this forum). I don’t do DRC or if I do I ignore the errors and warnings. I just export the gerber files and examine them. DRC is for those who don’t

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25 Jan, 2011

How do you manage your trace lengths?

Posted by Patrick Carrier

Patrick Carrier

Too often I see people just using straight length to manage their board timing.  Or take it one step further and turn length into propagation delay.You know, 1 inch is about 166ps.  Which is true, but nowhere near the complete picture for timing.  If you think about it, the whole reason we have length constraints is to make sure data arrives at a certain time.  That means that the signal switches above

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30 Oct, 2009

The Halloween Rush

Posted by Steve McKinney

Steve McKinney

Around the Western world tomorrow, kids of all ages (include some of us adults) will be celebrating Halloween.   For those of you that may not know what Halloween is, it’s a celebration that originated from an old Celtic tradition where fires were lit to ward off evil spirits on Samhain - Summer’s end.  This was a special night because the people of the time believe that during this night, the separation

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