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Complexity management

Manage the complexity of increased density and performance

When it comes to PCB design, complexity has become the name of the game, and it will only continue to grow. In fact, when asked about their top PCB design challenge, 53% of respondents overwhelmingly responded with "increasing product complexity."* Ironically, the very requirements that allow your organization to remain competitive in the PCB space are the same technological advances that have resulted in this exponential increase in PCB complexity.

Automating and streamlining PCB
design complexity

Of course, dealing with complexity is not optional—the real question is how to best deal with it, in a way that doesn't extend time lines or drive up costs. By making the right design tools available, you can empower designers to automate, simplify and streamline traditionally complex processes such as advanced fabrication, high-speed design and system integration. This gives your teams the ability to take on increased complexity without requiring additional time in the schedule, resulting in higher-performance PCB boards in less time, for less expense.

Explore the resources below to find out how your organization can better manage the increased complexity of today's PCB design

*Boucher, Michelle. 2010. "Why Printed Circuit Board Design Matters to the Executive." Aberdeen Group.