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Design flow concurrency

Give global teams a real-time, concurrent view of PCB design across the entire design process

Concurrent design is a perfect example of yesterday's best practices becoming today's baseline requirement. The question isn't whether concurrent design works or makes sense—it does, which is why everyone is doing it on some level. The real question is whether everyone is engaging in concurrent design in the optimal way. We believe the answer to that question is clear—absolutely not.

A disciplined approach to
concurrent collaboration

True, integrated concurrent design means enabling multidiscipline teams across your enterprise and supply chain to engage in open, visible concurrent design, without database partitioning. Designers can observe other team members' changes in real time, staying aware of how the final requirements of the design will be impacted. This type of collaboration does more than just optimize and streamline product development—it also leads to new opportunities and efficiencies being uncovered and capitalized on during the design process.

Explore the resources below to find out how you can empower your teams to engage in open, visible concurrent design

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