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Design- through- manufacturing

Hit market windows with a correct-the-first-time design

Every PCB design is created with the intention of eventually being manufactured and quickly reaching target volume production levels. Achieving high yields requires more than just eliminating hard failure manufacturing errors in the design—manufacturer's best practices must also be followed. Implementing extensive design-for-manufacturability checking prior to data transfer can avoid costly re-spins and hit market windows.

Integrating manufacturing
needs with PCB design

The right solution will provide seamless, integrated collaboration and communication between design and manufacturing, based on a data format that is the best representation of a PCB database. This eliminates the need to reverse engineer the designer's work to fit into the manufacturer's way of communicating—and vice versa. From setting up machines to selecting materials and optimizing assembly processes, you should have open, clear and concise communication and understanding between design and manufacturing.

Explore the resources below to find out how an integrated design-through-manufacturing approach results in more efficient, higher-quality PCB manufacture

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