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Intellectual property management

Provide PCB designers with the right level of access to the right information

Empowering designers with easy access to the right IP is a key factor in PCB success, whether the users are local or globally dispersed. But IP management is not just efficient access to IP—you also need the ability to manage who can create and change the IP. Libraries, reusable design data, constraints and design intent, work-in-progress data—in order for these types of dynamic PCB IP to be fully leveraged by your design teams, you need a technology solution that ensures the data is created, controlled and shared in the right way.

Understanding the difference
between PCB and PLM data

Some organizations will try to leverage their product lifecycle management (PLM) solution for PCB IP management. The problem with treating PCB IP like mechanical assembly data is that you lose the dynamic PCB context. The right approach to PCB IP management requires both a PCB native infrastructure and bidirectional interfaces with corporate third-party systems. This enables effective PCB-focused collaboration across the enterprise.

Explore the resources below to find out how the right IP management solution can enable your designers to fully leverage PCB IP

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