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Multidiscipline collaboration

Empower global, multidiscipline teams to act as one integrated unit

ECAD, MCAD, analog, digital, radio frequency (RF), field-programmable gate array (FPGA), PCB design, PCB manufacturing—these multidiscipline teams need the ability to efficiently communicate and collaborate with each other. Without the right approach and technology in place to enable this open communication, serious inefficiencies can be introduced into the PCB design process—decreased productivity, miscommunication and frustration. For the interactions to be truly efficient and cost effective, each team must be able to communicate (and receive communications) within its native context.

Enabling open communication in a
native context

The right technology solution provides this type of open, native-context collaboration, enabling dynamic updates without confusion. It also offers dynamic collaboration, clearly highlighting where changes were made so that no time is wasted scanning for incremental changes. Bottom line? By empowering multidiscipline teams to act as one integrated, cohesive unit, your organization can generate more-innovative, higher-quality products—in less time and for less money. Maybe that's why 68% of all best-in-class companies employ technology that allows multidiscipline teams to work collaboratively with PCB engineers.*

Explore the resources below to find out how you can empower your multidiscipline PCB teams to collaborate and act as one, integrated unit

*Boucher, Michelle. 2010. "Why Printed Circuit Board Design Matters to the Executive." Aberdeen Group.