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Virtual prototyping

Leverage virtual prototyping to optimize designs for manufacturability and performance

The use of prototypes in the creation of a PCB is common practice. But the requirement to build and test physical prototypes, followed by design re-spins, can lengthen a product development schedule by months. When one physical prototype for a moderately complex PCB design can cost almost $9,000 to create, the budget implications become quickly obvious.

The direct fiscal benefits of virtual prototyping

Using virtual prototyping, best-in-class companies have reduced the number of physical prototypes their teams produce by 27%, representing an average of $33,967 in savings for one moderately complex product.* Although it's true that virtual prototyping using analysis and verification technologies may add an extra step in the initial design process, once that value is understood, it rapidly becomes a necessary step that will invariably result in increased design performance, minimized design re-spins and faster time-to-market.

Explore the resources below to find out how virtual prototyping will revolutionize the way your designers develop, test and validate their PCB designs

*Boucher, Michelle. 2010. "Why Printed Circuit Board Design Matters to the Executive." Aberdeen Group.