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Visual IBIS Editor

HyperLynx Visual IBIS Editor

The Visual IBIS Editor is a program for creating, editing, verifying, and maintaining IBIS (I/O Buffer Information Specification) device models. Anyone who uses or creates IBIS models will benefit from using this editor, regardless of whether or not they own any of Mentor Graphic's HyperLynx and ICX products.

Visual IBIS Editor Details Download Free Editor

  • A large-file Windows text editor
  • An integrated IBIS-syntax-check utility
  • A graphical viewer for looking at IBIS V-I tables and waveform tables
  • An IBIS-file template generator
  • A complete, self-contained online Help system
  • An online IBIS specification
  • Completely re-developed and designed user-interface
  • Detailed, interactive, hierarchical view of the IBIS file
  • Brand-new I-V and V-t curve viewer, sizeable, with flexible area zooming
  • Ability to view high-side I-V curves that are either power- or ground-relative
  • Ability to sum clamp-diode and pull-up-down curves
  • Significantly improved text editor, with the latest MFC editing features, including undo/redo, advanced font control, and bookmarks
  • Automatic IBIS-syntax-specific keyword and comment colorizing
  • Improved printing features
  • Latest version of the IBIS Open Forum syntax checker
  • Sizeable warning/error window for syntax-check results; double-clicking jumps to error location (for parser messages containing line numbers)
  • For users of HyperLynx, a re-written "Easy IBIS" model-creation wizard, with improved user interface
  • Re-written Help system
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