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High Speed Digital & Mixed Analog-Digital System Designers



This is a one day "how to do it right the first time" class for EE's and CAD Layout Designers who need to build digital / digital-analog systems that are functional, reliable and quiet.

"Right the First Time" designs require knowledge, planning, and analysis. As a result you can save the aggravation of multiple board spins that blow through both budgets and contract delivery dates.

What You Will Learn

  • PCB Stack-up .... What is a good high speed stack-up and why?
  • Understanding Routing Topology & Termination for:
    • SDRAM / DDR2/3..Single ended signaling (Busses, Clocks, & Strobes)
    • LVDS differential signaling vs true differential signaling
    • SERDES (PCI Express, XAUI, etc)
  • Building a Quiet Power Delivery Network
    • How do planes, capacitors, and capacitor mounting choices effect
    • Power Delivery Impedance, Driver & Receiver Performance, and Ground Plane Noise
  • Eliminate EMI Issues by understanding how:
    • Proper Signal Integrity and Power Integrity design minimizes noise creation
    • Proper Component Placement and Routing eliminates antennae creation
    • Proper I/O filtering to keeps noise off I/O leads
    • Proper I/O shielding works to eliminate noise from differential I/O signals
  • Create Solid Analog Digital Systems that maximize isolation while maintaining quiet high speed communications
  • Learn the Basic Theory of Electric & Magnetic Shielding. Don't complain that it does not work if you don't understand how it works.


Who Should Attend

  • PCB Designers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Design Engineers
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