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Xpedition – Hands-on Experience with the Ground Breaking Design Tool



Xpedition is the flagship PCB design through manufacturing flow from Mentor Graphics, the industry leader for design, analysis and manufacturing solutions.

The VX release of Xpedition is the most significant release in years, delivering ground breaking innovations in PCB system design methodology, an unparalleled 3D PCB flow including models and library management, integrated SI/PI/Thermal, EMI and DFM analysis, comprehensive collaboration and electrical signoff technology and a design data management environment that sets new standards in engineering information management.

Attend this workshop if you want to learn how you could reduce your design cycle time by 40-70% over your current design flow, improve product quality, and reduce cost with the Xpedition design solutions and address the most complex challenges current PCB design tools are not designed to handle. This is your opportunity to become change agents and do away with conventional, time consuming, difficult to use and expensive to maintain CAD environments. Join many best-in-class companies and technology leaders who are using Xpedition Enterprise PCB Solutions to maintain their edge over their competition.

During the 3 hour hands-on workshops you will get to use the best-in-class Xpedition PCB design environment helping you address challenges of designing next generation consumer, hand held and networking products. You will learn how to benefit from a correct-by-construction design flow, do systematic component planning & placement, constrain and route your high speed interfaces using Sketch with user control and high quality PCB routing results. You will also get to introduced to the built in true 3D PCB design capabilities with part model and design enclosure import capabilities. 

What You Will Learn

  • Floor planning and reuse strategies with hierarchical group placement
  • Sketch Routing: ground breaking innovation for highly automated routing of large high speed interfaces with user control and manual route quality
  • True 3D PCB: increasing accuracy of electromechanical design with STEP/SAT models
  • DFM embedded in layout environment with industry standard Valor NPI
  • Integrated EMI and Signal/Power Integrity signoff during layout process
  • 2D/3D Library & Design data management across enterprise

Who Should Attend

  • PCB Designers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • PCB Design Managers


Xpedition PCB Workshop: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Lunch Included)

  • Overview of Xpedition flow and integration
  • Schematic, constraints and layout integration
  • Introduction and hands-on labs of key concepts in Xpedition
  • User interface
  • Hierarchical group planning and placement
  • Routing innovations: Sketch routing, New Plow
  • 3D introduction
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