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HyperLynx DRC

Powerful, fully customizable, and fast design rule checking tool

Technical Specifications

Automatic and customizable design rule check tool

  • Built-in and custom rules scan and flag areas of potential EMI, SI, and PI problems on PCBs
  • Use rule checks to quickly screen nets for further analysis using simulation
  • Powerful DRC rule capability allows for implementation of complex rules for all aspects of electrical rule checking
  • Intuitive graphical interface that presents results in spreadsheet format, sortable by user selection
  • Perform a comprehensive board design review using 19 standard DRCs including traces crossing splits, reference plane changes, shielding and via checks
  • Script writing and debugging environment
  • Custom rule creation with extensive customization
  • Database object access through the automation object model (AOM)
  • VBScript and JavaScript support
  • Thorough documentation of AOM and DRC coding standards
  • Comprehensive results and reports

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