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HyperLynx Power Integrity

Accurately model power distribution networks and noise propagation mechanisms throughout the PCB design process

Technical Specifications

  • Industry-renowned ease of use, enabling shorter time to results
  • Accurate modeling of plane structures as power delivery and noise propagation mechanisms
  • Analyze voltage drop and current density
    • Identify potential DC power delivery issues such as excessive voltage drop, high current densities, excessive via currents, and associated temperature rise
    • View simulation results in graphical and report format, making problems in DC power delivery quick and easy to identify
  • Predict temperature rise with PI/thermal co-simulation
  • Analyze and optimize your power distribution network
    • Analyze power distribution impedance at multiple locations on PCB
    • Optimize capacitors use, placement, and mounting in your PDN through analysis
    • Virtually investigate the benefits of new technologies on your PDN, and how impedance will affect the propagation of noise on the planes
  • Explore different stack-ups, capacitor selections, placements, mounting schemes
  • Simulate propagation of noise throughout the planes from IC supply pins and signal vias
  • Extract models of the power distribution network
  • Create accurate via models which include effects of all bypassing and plane resonances
  • Extract PDN models as S-parameters, Z-parameters, or Y-parameters
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