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HyperLynx Thermal

Fast, accurate 3D modeling and simulation of thermal impact of PCB placement and routing


HyperLynx® Thermal analyzes board-level thermal conditions on placed, partially routed, or fully routed PCBs. It simulates conduction, convection and radiation, and produces temperature profiles, gradients, and excess temperature maps, resolving board and component overheating early in the design process.

By adjusting the design using what-if scenarios, engineers and PCB designers can reduce mean time between failures by as much as 50 percent, improving product quality and ultimately decreasing warranty costs.

Find component and PCB hot spots quickly and efficiently

HyperLynx Thermal enables effective “what-if” analysis on component placement, stack-up design, and mechanical cooling techniques

Full thermal analysis

Analyze all major heat-transfer mechanisms, including convection, conduction, and radiation

Understand what impacts board temperatures

HyperLynx Thermal allows engineers to simulate thermal and power integrity analysis, enabling better understanding of the effect of power distribution network current densities on board temperatures

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