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Better PCB Analog Design at the Push of a Button



Ensure faster time to market for your Analog PCBs and improved product quality with SPICE Simulation using HyperLynx Analog and PADS.

HyperLynx Analog is a simple to use, tightly integrated, full-featured SPICE simulation software with tens of thousands of available models and a proven Waveform Analysis package unequaled in the industry. HyperLynx Analog allows PCB Analog Engineers to quickly and reliably analyze a design before committing (and spending money), so that your design works right the FIRST time!

Included in the new PADS ES Suite, HyperLynx Analog is also available as an add-on to all DxDesigner customers.

What You Will Learn

  • How easy it is to run SPICE simulations with HyperLynx Analog
  • How to analyze the SPICE output from your circuit
  • How to import a SPICE model from the web into your design
  • How to perform Monte Carlo and worst case analysis

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Steve Shively

Steve has 30 years experience in the electronics industry, as both a designer of integrated circuits and as a supplier of EDA tools. His passion for EDA tools led him to Mentor Graphics more than 22 years ago. Now the product marketing manager and architect for HyperLynx Analog, Steve has worked with a broad range of Mentor’s IC, ASIC, and PCB design tools and managed product development for logic, analog, signal integrity, and power analysis simulators.

Who Should View

  • Anyone currently using SPICE-like simulator for PCB design, such as: PSpice, SmartSpice, MultiSim (Electronics Workbench), HSPICE, ICAP/4, SIMetrix/SIMPLIS etc.
  • Analog Design Engineers
  • Anyone interested in improving their product development time to market
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