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Controlling EMI in High-Speed Designs



Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) has become a much larger problem in recent years. Fast edge rates on signals, coupled with the proliferation of high volumes of low-cost electronic devices, have made EMI issues extremely common.

The biggest effect EMI has on a design is that you can’t ship a product that isn’t passing government requirements for radiated emissions. But even if you manage to get the product to pass, and it is still radiating, it means reduced margins for your signals and possible reliability issues, and usually increased susceptibility to outside noise as well. Most of these problems can be avoided simply by making sure all your currents are travelling in a closed loop.

What You Will Learn

  • How to prevent EMI issues on PCB designs
  • Some common issues that cause EMI in PCBs
  • How to find and eliminate EMI issues quickly and easily

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Patrick Carrier

Patrick Carrier worked as a Signal Integrity Engineer at Dell for 5 years before joining Mentor in September 2005. Patrick is now a technical marketing engineer specializing in analysis products, including signal and power integrity, EMC, and thermal design.

Who Should View

  • PCB engineers
  • PCB designers
  • Regulatory professionals
  • Engineering managers

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