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PCB Crosstalk Fundamentals - What It Is and How You Can Prevent It



Crosstalk is an abstract concept that can cause very real design failures, which can be difficult to reproduce, debug, and resolve. Often times, designers use rules of thumb to manage PCB crosstalk, but without understanding where these rules come from, they may not be applied correctly, causing further problems.

During this webinar, you will learn the basics of PCB crosstalk, including terminology, mathematical descriptions, and its sources in real designs. We'll look at developing design rules based on signal integrity simulation, to prevent PCB crosstalk issues from impacting your design reliability and quality.

What You Will Learn

  • Fundamentals of PCB Crosstalk
  • Design Rules for Controlling PCB Crosstalk
  • How to Perform PCB Crosstalk Simulations

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Patrick Carrier

Patrick Carrier worked as a Signal Integrity Engineer at Dell for 5 years before joining Mentor in September 2005. Patrick is now a technical marketing engineer specializing in analysis products, including signal and power integrity, EMC, and thermal design.

Who Should View

  • Board designers
  • Engineers

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