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Design of Power-Distribution Networks in the Era of Proliferating Voltage Levels and High Current Demands



At one time considered exotic, power integrity analysis has now become a must-do part of PCB design — as important for many PCBs as signal integrity.

The proliferation of supply voltages results in compromised, choppy power net shapes, risking excess drop in response to high DC currents and too low voltages at ICs. High current densities in necked down areas can also cause heating and subsequent damage to the PCB. Voracious demand for AC current as ICs run at higher frequencies and faster edge rates challenges the ability of power planes and decoupling capacitors to provide enough current during switching.

This session examines several examples where HyperLynx PI can be used to guarantee both DC and AC power requirements are comfortably met.

What You Will Learn

  • How decoupling and DC drop issues can affect your PCB design
  • How to analyze your PCB to quickly pinpoint power delivery issues and explore solutions
  • How HyperLynx PI can help solidify your PCB power distribution network

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Patrick Carrier

Patrick Carrier worked as a Signal Integrity Engineer at Dell for 5 years before joining Mentor in September 2005. Patrick is now a technical marketing engineer specializing in analysis products, including signal and power integrity, EMC, and thermal design.

Who Should View

  • Power integrity specialists
  • Electrical engineers
  • Layout designers
  • Engineering managers

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