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Designing SERDES Links with Confidence: Modeling, Simulation, and Measurement of a 12.5-Gbps Channel



Have you ever wondered how closely analysis results can match reality at data rates above 10 Gbps?

To find out for sure, Mentor Graphics recently partnered with Eric Bogatin and other industry specialists and — for a real system running at 12.5 Gbps — carefully compared lab measurements to the results of HyperLynx simulations.

If you’re going to make high-stakes design decisions based on analysis, you need to have confidence in your simulation flow. We’ll show the results of our technical investigation, and discuss the major challenges and solutions in successful analysis-based SERDES-channel design.

What You Will Learn

  • How to efficiently characterize the electrical performance of multi-Gbps channels in the frequency and time domains
  • How to apply solution space analysis to make cost/performance trade-offs
  • How to quantify the channel performance penalties incurred by introducing small asymmetries in its layout
  • How you can get your multi-Gbps serial design right the first time

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Chuck Ferry

Chuck Ferry is a product marketing manager for high-speed tools at Mentor Graphics. Focused on product definition for innovative industry-leading signal and power integrity solutions, Chuck has spent the last 12 years tackling a broad range of high-speed digital design challenges, spanning from system-level mother-board design to multi-gigabit channel analysis to developing and incorporating detailed characterizations of the IC, packages, connectors, and multiple boards.

Who Should View

  • Signal integrity specialists
  • Design engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • Project managers

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