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Optimizing Power Delivery with Effective Decoupling



This session - Optimizing Power Delivery with Effective Decoupling - will discuss the ever-growing need for appropriate decoupling to meet the AC current demands of today's power-hungry ICs.

Issues such as the number of decoupling capacitors, which values to use, and how to mount the capacitors will be discussed, as well as optimizing your design to reduce cost and use fewer layers.

We will also illustrate how analysis of the problem can lead to a more robust power system, allowing you to get to market faster and have confidence in your PCB design.

What You Will Learn

  • How decoupling issues can affect your PCB design
  • How to analyze your PCB to quickly pinpoint power delivery issues and explore solutions
  • How HyperLynx PI can help solidify your PCB power distribution network

Who Should Attend

  • Power Integrity Specialists, regardless of EDA tools currently used
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Layout Designers
  • Engineering Managers

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Patrick Carrier

Patrick Carrier worked as a Signal Integrity Engineer at Dell for 5 years before joining Mentor in September 2005. Patrick is now a technical marketing engineer specializing in analysis products, including signal and power integrity, EMC, and thermal design.

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