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Design Strategies for PCB Decoupling



During this webinar, we'll introduce you to a strategy for decoupling analysis that will help you design and verify that you've achieved your power delivery design goals. We'll look at how capacitor selection and placement relative to the IC impacts impedance, as well as the significant role that stackup plays in high frequency decoupling. And we'll use HyperLynx PI to show how you can make trade-offs in your design and build intuition about good design practices for decoupling of your power distribution network.

When it comes to understanding and designing decoupling for PCB power distribution, many designers rely heavily on IC vendors to give them direction. While design guidelines from an IC vendor are a good starting place for capacitor selection, designers most likely cannot follow those recommendations exactly, particularly capacitor placement, quantity, and mounting structure. As a designer, it's important to understand the impact that these factors have on the impedance vs. frequency performance of the power distribution, and how you can design to meet your voltage ripple requirements at the IC.

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Taylor Shull

Taylor Shull has been an Application Engineer at Mentor Graphics for 12 years. He has worked with many customers to solve signal and power integrity issues, from simple approaches to complex multi-giga bit SERDES designs. More recently, Taylor has been focused on helping customers understand power delivery systems and how to solve the complex design challenges companies face. Taylor received his BSEE from Washington State University in 1996.

Who Should View

  • Signal Integrity Engineers
  • Power Integrity Engineers
  • Digital Designers
  • Layout Designers

What You Will Learn

  • Methodology for decoupling design
  • Understanding of how capacitor placement and mounting impact inductance
  • Performance goals for decoupling design

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