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PCB Reliability and Effective DFM Analysis

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During new product introduction (NPI), one of the priorities of both designers and manufacturers is quality. However, quality means something different to the designers and the manufacturers. Designers equate quality with product reliability while manufacturers view quality in terms of manufacturing yield. Both are important elements of quality and affect your products' costs and reputation.

Learn how Valor NPI, Mentor's comprehensive, concurrent Design For Manufacturing (DFM) solution provides design organizations early stage visibility into potential yield and reliability issues. And now, with the latest release, you can capitalize on these tools from within your Xpedition PCB flow.

Valor NPI utilizes the ODB++ data exchange format to keep all DFM, fabrication, assembly and test data in a unified data structure that is easily shared across the supply chain.

Design Areas: PCB Design | Products: DFM Validation & NPI

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