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The Need for Speed and Accuracy: Techniques and Tools for Modern Signal-Integrity Analysis



The days of performing signal-integrity checks on just a few critical nets on a PCB are long-gone.

Today’s PCBs require simulation of almost all nets, and some boards contain complex interfaces like DDR3 and large numbers of SERDES links running at 10 Gbps or faster. But how can a busy designer efficiently manage all of the required simulation and be confident that the results are accurate?

This session will discuss the advanced techniques required for modern SI analysis, ranging from high-throughput batch simulation of memory interfaces to IBIS-AMI modeling of SERDES channels to 3D-electromagnetic extraction for signal discontinuities like vias and BGA breakouts — all using HyperLynx as an example of a toolset offering integrated access to each of these needed capabilities.

What You Will Learn

  • Emerging trends in high-performance signaling protocols
  • Optimizing your design process through early validation
  • The HyperLynx portfolio for addressing SI, PI, EMI, DDRx and thermal challenges 

About the Presenter

Nitin Bhagwath

Nitin is a an electrical engineer with high-speed board design experience at Hewlett Packard and Cisco since 2000. He has an undergrad from Bangalore University, a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and also an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management at Bangalore. He has been with Mentor Graphics for a year and supports the DDR Wizard in HyperLynx.

Who Should View

  • Design engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • Project managers

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