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Lean NPI integrated into the Xpedition flow



An overview of Mentor’s next-generation New Product Introduction (NPI) solution for PCB fabrication, assembly and test, integrated directly into the Xpedition flow. Based on Valor technology, critical aspects of the NPI process are shifted left into the design-domain for faster introduction into high-quality manufacturing:

  1. DFM analysis embedded in the Xpedition designer’s desktop so the PCB is laid out not only according to design rules but also the rules of the intended manufacturing process.
  2. Validation of the initial manufacturing BOM against manufacturing process rules.
  3. Preparation and validation of the final manufacturing-level product data, ready for direct integration into manufacturing process-preparation by your manufacturers.

The Lean NPI solution supports optimal interaction between the designer and NPI coworkers, so Xpedition designers can easily prepare their products for faster, higher-quality manufacturing, without having to be DFM experts.

What You Will Learn

  • Best-practice integration and application of manufacturing process rules within the Xpedition PCB layout process.
  • The distinction between design rules and manufacturing process rules.
  • Comprehensive product-modelling at the NPI level, for maximum intelligence and minimum complexity of hand-off to manufacturing process preparation.

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Julian Coates

Julian Coates currently holds the position of Director of Business Development in the Valor Division of Mentor Graphics. From 1998 to 2007 he was Vice President of Marketing at Valor before becoming the Vice President for the Assembly Market at Valor. From 1994 to 1998 Julian was the Managing Director of Valor Computerized Systems NV. Prior to this he was the Northern European Sales Manager and later the Vice President of Sales in Europe for Optrotech, a company that creates tools for manufacturing PCBs. From 1979 to 1986, Mr. Coates worked at British Aerospace as a mechanical design engineer, PCB production engineer and production manager. Julian holds a B.Sc. in Engineering Science from Exeter University.

Who Should View

  • PCB Layout designers
  • Design-level NPI & manufacturing engineers
  • Product/program managers

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