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Symetrics Industries Purchases Valor’s Automated DFM Verification Software


Valor Computerized Systems, Inc., global provider of productivity improvement software across the printed circuit board design and manufacturing supply chain, announces Symetrics Industries’ purchase of its Trilogy 5000 design-for-manufacturing (DFM) analysis software.

Symetrics Industries, headquartered in Melbourne, Fla., purchased the Trilogy 5000 DFM from Valor who is represented in Florida by Technical Resources Corporation (TRC) with offices in Tampa, Melbourne, and Boca Raton. Valor’s DFM (Design for Manufacturing) software brings designers and the manufacturing supply chain together. It rationalizes the requirements of the design engineer and manufacturers who need to build products at a rapid pace and with the highest quality. Valor DFM is comprised of more than 700 design checks, covering all stages of the design process.

“At Symetrics Industries, we build to our own designs and we also do a lot of build-to-print. In the past, we have found that we were slowed down by problems that we wished had been caught earlier in the design process. We felt that getting a good DFM capability would benefit our design engineers and facilitate their process. This would result in fewer production slowdowns by being able to identify problems very early in the process and work them out with the customer, resulting in more business and quicker turnarounds. Once we found Valor, it was an easy decision. The features and capabilities of the DFM software cannot be matched,” said Peter Volkert, Director of Operations at Symetrics Industries.

“We are very pleased to have Symetrics Industries, a dynamic and forward looking defense and aerospace company, as our latest customer. Valor recognizes the need to provide targeted solutions that can deliver real value to meet the requirements of all market segments in electronics manufacturing. To meet our goal of becoming the market leader of PCB Assembly software, we are bringing solutions that are flexible, modular and affordable,” said Dan Weitzman, President of the Americas.

A unique benefit of the Trilogy solution is the Valor Parts Library (VPL), containing over 35 million commercial electronic component part numbers and their dimensioned package models containing accurate graphical contour, pin contact areas and positions, and dimensional tolerances. The VPL also supports the full virtual “prototyping” of products. This provides for fast off-line simulations to validate physical design characteristics against assembly and test constraints even before a first article or pilot run. With the “as-built” dimensionally accurate package data, Valor users can validate critical manufacturing processes in advance, such as solder-joint formation, test-point accessibility, pick-and-place constraints, rework accessibility, and much more.

The Valor software also features a “sharelist” that allows precise feedback to the design engineer. The sharelist captures selected DFM analysis results and packages them in an open document format for effective engineering collaboration. Combining graphical, text, and numerical data records, the sharelist also includes user comments and suggestions. Output formats include HTML, XML and formatted ASCII.

Symetrics is a privately-held Florida corporation that specializes in the design, manufacture and testing of electronic systems for the Department of Defense, NASA, and prime contractors. The company continues to expand its engineering software capabilities to address the needs of customers in the design and integration of products into their specific airborne or ground platforms.

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