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Electromagnetic Simulation Solutions

Enables fast, scalable, precision signal integrity, power integrity and EMI analysis for the most complex package and PCB designs

The Nimbic product suite delivers Maxwell-accurate 3D full-wave broadband, quasi-static, and hybrid electromagnetic (EM) field solvers. Nimbic empowers package and PCB engineers to accurately calculate complex electromagnetic fields in a highly scalable and automated manner.

These solutions fit seamlessly into standard CAD flows. Solve your signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI), and EMI challenges in a variety of design areas while increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Full-wave EM Solver

3D, broadband, full-wave electromagnetic solver for SI, PI, and EMI

Accelerated Quasi-static Extractor

Accelerated, full-3D electro-magneto-quasistatic extractor (EMQS)

Power Optimization

Power integrity analysis solution featuring a 3D, broadband, full-wave electromagnetic solver

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