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Xpedition Package Integrator

Enables co-design across IC packaging and PCB domains to radically increase productivity


Xpedition® Package Integrator helps IC packaging and PCB co-design teams visualize and optimize complex single or multi-chip packages integrating silicon on board platforms. It can drastically reduce the cost of the package and PCB, while enabling better control of the design process.

Its co-design methodology targets many PCB platforms, automating the planning, optimization, and connectivity from a chip through multiple packaging variables. Xpedition Package Integrator users can drive rule-based I/O-level optimization and perform pin and ball-out studies from their respective domains, visualizing the impact across the complete system, and generating an automated central data library in the process.

As the complexity of today’s SOCs and growth of multi-die packaging increases, the value of cross-domain collaboration between IC packaging and PCB design teams keeps pace. Xpedition Package Integrator's unique flow uses proven Mentor Graphics PCB systems design products, resulting in substantial costs savings for electronic system developer.

Multi-mode connectivity managemen

Multi-mode connectivity management

Enables cross-domain packaging and PCB pin/signal mapping/shorting design perspectives

Dynamic cell definitions

Asymmetrical pin array definitions and manipulation

User-definable rules for I/O and ball-out assignments

Optimization engine for bank, byte, reference voltage, clock domain and more

Single tool for multi-mode physical design

Reduces cycle time for development of PCB, MCM, SiP, RF, Hybrid, and BGA designs

Leverages industry-proven layout and analysis technology

Correct-by-construction layout environment that enables designers to optimize performance and manufacturability on the most dense designs populated by high-pin-count flip-chip BGAs

Automatic library generation

Logical and physical board and package library data is seamlessly generated during the design process

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