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Valor NPI Virtual Lab

Try Valor NPI and see how easy it is to compile and verify your product-model data before handing-off to manufacturing.

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What You'll Learn

Review key features of Valor NPI at your own pace. Get immediate, hands-on access to many Valor NPI features. Built-in data files and tutorials that will help you become familiar with Valor NPI working environment, its key concepts and terms.

See for yourself how concurrent DFM verification is the most efficient way to incorporate manufacturing optimization into your PCB design process.

Learn how to:

  • Prepare your manufacturing-level product data for maximum automation and repeatability in the supply chain.
  • Use ODB++ product model as the basis manufacturing data exchange processes
  • Quickly evaluate problematic areas within the manufacturing process using the Manufacturing Risk Assessment (MRA) user interface.

Learn how to compile and verify your product-model data

What's included

  • The ODB++ model of your PCB product - what it contains and how it is constructed
  • DFM analysis and manufacturing risk-assessment
  • The use of the Valor Parts Library for complete assembly & test DFM
  • Assembly Panel design and finalization of the ODB++ hand-off package
  • A view of what happens to your product data in process-preparation

About Virtual Labs

  • Fully operational software, hosted in Mentor Graphics virtual lab environment
  • Immediate access from any current PC web browser
  • Test at work, home or while traveling
  • No IT department approval required
  • No special equipment
  • Evaluate software at your own pace

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