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AccuSim II

AccuSim® II incorporates the Eldo simulator into the Mentor Graphics environment. You can use its accurate circuit-level algorithms for highly accurate simulation of IC and board designs.

Choose from among the Eldo simulator’s algorithms to tune its response to your needs. For behavioral and system-level simulation, you can use the HDL-A analog behavioral modeling language based on industry-standard VHDL syntax. If you choose not to use a behavioral language, you can graphically define behavioral models through the System Modeling Blocks library. For detailed simulation of real world parts, use AccuParts™, a library of more than 12,000 off-the-shelf parts. System-level simulation can be performed with the CommLib™ or AutoLib™ libraries.

These simulation techniques combine in AccuSim II to give you flexibility in terms of model detail and simulation performance. After simulation, the product’s robust post-processing capabilities let you display and analyze circuit behavior to help you quickly verify analog circuits of any complexity. Built-in proprietary option controls and standard SPICE™ option commands allow you more complete control over simulation runs. Advanced remote run capabilities return control of the graphical interface to the user during long simulation runs.

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