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BOM Explorer

Everyone uses a Bill of Materials (BOM) to define the components that need to be fitted to the printed circuit board. BOM files can range from well-defined files that are easily read by software tools to poorly formatted files that can take hours to convert. No matter what the case you will face, Mentor Graphics has the ability to merge your BOM files into the physical PCB data to save valuable time.


Consistency Validated

BOM Explorer automates the tedious process of reading the manufacturing Bill Of Material file to create consistent, validated information for your manufacturing processes.

  • Reduce time to market by quickly Parsing virtually any formatted BOM file
  • As easy to use as a highlighter
  • Converts file to easily read comma-separated format
  • Built-in error checking eliminates mistakes


BOM Explorer with SmartMark™ is a world-class BOM Parsing and formatting tool. It is designed to produce a fast return on investment by dramatically speeding the BOM Parsing and formatting process of virtually any Excel or ASCII file. Because BOM data is presented in a very wide range of formats without any standard for format style, many reports require hours of data entry or formatting in order to do data mining and analysis. Often this means that valuable engineering resources are stripped for relatively menial tasks.

Reduce Parsing Time

BOM Explorer is designed to automate Parsing and formatting providing dramatic savings in time. One SMS customer achieved a substantial return on investment by reducing Parsing and formatting time by 92%. Moreover, human error was eliminated with the use of this automated tool.

Syntax Pattern Recognition

BOM Explorer recognizes patterns in the syntax of the file. This unique approach allows it to quickly and easily compile a table of BOM data into an easy-to-use format. In application, part numbers, values, tolerances, descriptions and attributes can be identified and formatted with ease and speed. SmatMark is a special feature of BOM Explorer that highlights like data-sets automatically.


Once it is parsed in BOM Explorer, BOM data can be immediately integrated with the original CAD data, making the whole manufacturing process, from quotation to assembly, more accurate and efficient.

Data Relation

BOM Explorer uses several design innovations to make it easier to extract usable data from unformatted BOM files. The most fundamental of these innovations is in the way BOM Explorer allows users to visually mark a BOM file for the data they wish to extract. By assigning certain attributes to the colors that are employed in marking the data, the tool is able to understand how each type of data relates to the other types in the BOM. In turn a results table is created that preserves these relationships; once the attributes are properly defined, each reference designator is assigned its proper part number, value, tolerance etc. up to and including all of the data included the BOM. This information can then be exported in a comma-delimited, tab-separated or CAMCAD .ATR file for easy transition to CAD and/or CAM systems.

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