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Data Exchange

Data Exchange can manipulate, edit, modify, and compare spreadsheet-to-database, database-to-spreadsheet and attributes data going to or coming from CAMCAD or BOM Explorer.

Data Comparisons

Bill of Material (BOM) data and other manufacturing data inconsistencies can cause headaches with manufacturing data preparation. Accessing data from various locations, including ASCII files or databases means it is easy to miss inconsistencies. Mentor Graphics has the tools to obtain attribute data from a variety of sources and compare them for completeness and mismatches.

Data Exchange Environment

Within the Data Exchange environment, advanced sort, query, and SQL functions allow the user to extract and work with just the needed information.

Data Exchange is based on a database engine with the primary goal to provide an intuitive, user-friendly interface for:

  • Importing delimited data
  • Importing attribute data from CAMCAD
  • Importing databases files such as Access or Excel
  • Exporting attribute data to CAMCAD
  • Exporting delimited data
  • Exporting database files such as Access
  • Comparing files to easily spot differences
  • Joining files from two different sources based upon a lookup table or file

Data Exchange can convert delimited files into CAMCAD (.cc) attribute files so that database data can be merged with CAD data. Data Exchange has the ability to perform advanced, user-definable file comparisons like BOM to BOM compare, BOM to CAD Data compare, CAD Data to CAD Data compare. Users can easily spot differences between any two sets of data. Advanced Join capabilities include CAD/MRP Join. Using this function, users can easily combine internal database component information with CAD Data using a simple lookup table or file.

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